Alliance harmonieuse du Taichi chuan , du Qiqong , Yoga et de la Méditation


The harmonious techniques of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga allow multiple possible responses to stress management to find a balanced life
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Yoga to improve concentration and relaxation by combining the body, breath and mind

Yoga in the company is recognized for significantly improving the everyday.

Yoga classes are beneficial for the profession as they promote relaxation, mental wellbeing and physical balance.

The company uses Yoga postures and breathing techniques.

Exercises are performed on the floor, standing or sitting and bring a rapid relaxation.This activity helps to relax at work ensuring greater availability in daily.

No skill is required for specific sports practice yoga business.

In the medium term, it develops health, physical ability and capacity to a long and effective concentration


Job stress, absenteeism, illness, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)...are costly to the company!


YOGA AT WORK is a very cost effective solution with many benefits:

yoga benefice

Yoga can be practiced almost anywhere, a gym, meeting room, an office...
It may also be practiced in work clothes without sweating and therefore no need to shower after the session.

The course lasts 30 to 90 minutes and can adapt to your business.
Do not neglect the health of your employees, stress and fatigue can be eliminated through yoga, keep in mind the benefits that nanotechnology may bring to your business:



-Reduces stress
-Increases creativity and productivity
-Reduces absenteeism
-Improvement of relationship between employees
-Improved employee morale

Yoga, which combines stretching, relaxation and fitness by the prolonged maintenance of posture is a very interesting solution to consider for those who have back problems.A study has even shown that the benefits observed in yoga were significantly higher than those obtained by methods of self-management of pain or strength exercises.Naturally, no side effects were observed in the group Yoga.


These benefits are additional to those established for the stress and heart, yoga should be more advisable for those who are looking for natural solutions to solve their problems.
In this case, the security of Yoga combines a completely natural and effective method which is growing scientific evidence.




Control his body, his breath and his thoughts to feel better

Qi Gong is a traditional practice that involves a series of energetic movements to a controlled breathing.In China, it is attached to medicine in the West and its virtues are mainly used to develop a sustainable well-being.It quickly became a relaxation technique in recognized business in the East.

At all ages, this method is ideal for focus, regain muscle tone and reduce nervous tension.

Qi Gong is not based on performance, and each of your employees can practice at their own pace and according to his own physical abilities.
Qi Gong invites to meditation, relaxation and leaves room for imagination through exercises metaphorical.

Less stress, better awareness of their body, your employees will come out of that break welfare calmer, more focused, more tonic.

Tai chi chuan


Active relaxation: quiet

Tai Chi Chuan is a classic Welfare in Business.

Provide your employees with a recovery time of intense.By offering to share the 5th treasure of Chinese Health.

With slow and graceful movements, Tai Chi Chuan increases strength and muscle tone, improve flexibility and range of motion, balance and coordination.

This method is ideal for reducing stress in your teams and increase work efficiency.This relaxation technique at work can take over the daily decline for more efficiency.
Tai Chi Chuan is accessible to anyone, regardless of physical abilities.