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The harmonious techniques of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga allow multiple possible responses to stress management to find a balanced life
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Introduction to the concept of depression - stress (Doctissimo)

Depression affects more than 3 million people in France today with approximately 300,000 living with chronic form.Studies indicate that 10-25% of women and 5-12% of men at risk of major depression during their life.

If the causes of depression are many, the stress would be an important.

The neuropsychiatrists estimate that about one in five people will experience at least one depressive episode in his life under the pressure of stress1.Moreover, according to a recent study2, work stress precipitate the onset of psychiatric disorders in individuals previously healthy.


depression et stress

Stress and depression: how to explain this linke

When a person is subject to daily and intensely stressful situations, it produces a quasi-continuous hormones (adrenaline and cortisol).The excessive production of these hormones has a negative effect on the nervous system: excess cortisol (due to a state of repeated stress) will block the growth of new neurons in the hippocampus, a brain region known to act on the mood.

Cortisol will also hinder communication between neurons by blocking the receptors stimulated by serotonin, a molecule involved in mood disorders.A process that, over the long term, could lead to depression.


stress divers

Stress and depression: warning signals

If you are subject to significant stress, here are some symptoms indicative of a shift towards a possible depression:

The general state of fatigue, moodiness;
Abrupt changes of mood, sudden crying spells;
Worry, anxiety, panic;
Headache, decreased libido;
Amnesia, difficulty concentrating, indecisiveness;
Frequent absence from the workplace, reduced productivity;
Feeling of being overwhelmed, loss of sense of humor.
Other adverse effects of stress

Stress can cause fatigue, headaches, sleep disorders...It can also affect the digestive system (constipation, spasms, bloating).Finally, stress can also disrupt the functioning of the thyroid gland, decreasing the strength of the immune system and cause allergic reactions.Its effects on hypertension and cardiovascular disease have long been known.

The techniques of Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan will help you resist and transcend the most difficult phases.