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The harmonious techniques of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga allow multiple possible responses to stress management to find a balanced life
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Stress origins

origine du stress

Stress occurs when there is imbalance between the perception that a person has constraints imposed by its environment and its perception of its own resources to cope.

Although the assessment process and resource constraints is psychological, the effects of stress are not only psychological in nature.It also affects physical health, welfare and productivity .

We find this definition in three important concepts:
stressors, that is to say, work situations which will favor the binding of the onset of stress,
the person will react to what it is problematic, both with his body and psyche,
and observable effects on behavior or health of the person and company, if the situation involves a large number of employees.

Indicators favoring the increase of Stress.


stress 2


Isolation: the person is dasn a spiral of isolation that prevents him no more suport social.

Working Time: The measurement of actual working time, of mental strain is an indicator that can be highly harbinger of difficulties ahead.

Destabilization of the marks Professionals: Changing the scope of ongoing activity.Nomadic employees

Loss of meaning: the strategies are changing continuously

Malfunction of.

Non-recognition: routine problems and the work.

The sense of no longer control the time and the flow of business to be transacted: People no longer treat the records they fly despite the risks, challenges and suffer because they are aware of shoddy work.

The feeling of not being able to cope at the cost of work on and saw a split between private and professional life.

Behaviors letting out boufées violence.

The feeling of being trapped.

Factors of Stress at Work

stress travail


Factors related to the task or related to the actual content of the work involved
Strong quantitative requirements (workload, performance, time pressure, mass of information to process…)
High quality requirements (accuracy, quality, alertness…)
Difficulties related to the task (monotony, lack of autonomy, repetition, fragmentation…)
Risks inherent in the execution of the task (eg, fatal medical error Surgeon)

Factors related to work organization
Lack of control over the allocation and scheduling tasks in the enterprise
Imprecision of the missions (What is expected of meeHow do I takeeOn what basis will I be assessed (e)e)
Contradiction between the demands of the job (how quickly and welleWho should I meet: the client or to quotase)
Unsuitability of working hours to circadian rhythms, social life and family
New modes of organization (lean, versatility…)
Instability of employment contracts (with precarious contracts, subcontracting…)

Factors related to labor relations
Lack of support from colleagues and / or supervisors
Management peu participatif, autoritaire, déficient…
Absence or poor recognition of the work

Factors related to the physical and technical
Physically harmful to the workstation (noise, heat, humidity…)
Poor workplace design and / or workstations (lack of space, inadequate lighting…)

Factors related to the socio-economic enterprise
Poor economic health of the company or uncertainty about its future
Bidding competitiveness on a national or international

The medical consequences are numerous

- Cardiac Pathologies

- Depression

- Psycho-social disorders

- Musculo skeletal

- Violence against others

-Violence against oneself (to suicide...)

- Judgments disease

- Behaviors leak..Pre pensions, early departure followed by psychological problems.