Alliance harmonieuse du Taichi chuan , du Qiqong , Yoga et de la Méditation


The harmonious techniques of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga allow multiple possible responses to stress management to find a balanced life
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Christian RASOTTO



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Stress imposed on us by our Western societies is detrimental to health.

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Learn to master in order to find a form to be harmonious and balanced in action will be a present and future challenges to successfully balance her life.Indian Yoga techniques are particularly suited to address this fundamental issue.

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FIRST KEY: Levels of existence

The ancient Indian texts tell us that we can vibrate along several levels of existence: recognize the!

1/ MUDHA :


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A dark level, a state thick or something in us expresses the suffering.The Possibility of access to a happy life is hidden by a heavy conflict or there is a projection on the external causes to justify this state.This state is accompanied by a lack of dynamic volunteers, lack of dynamism and lack of practice...we suffer and feel the victim of other people...



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A statement a bit excited, dispersed or there is activity in the agitation, the urgency....the future grows permanently present in chaotic disorder...peu d'éthique ..on recherche pour compenser une vie la plus agréable possible sans se préocuper des conséquences sur le psychisme à long terme...on justifie ses désirs... c'est un état de vie plus actif , limté mais on ne connait pas d'autres niveaux d'existence..







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The individual has made an effort to gathering opinions scattered rays of the mind...we begin to fight for control and return to base....there is an average concentration and downs....but there are glimpses of the possibility of getting out


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the mind is better controlled...there are fewer trips to other levels...and when that happens you know how to get out..techniques are known.


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Mastery of the mind.... connaissance du bonheur sans cause...le Soi est connu et il y a une sorte de felicité dans cette expérience. On réalise que le mental vibre sur plusieurs niveaux et cela permet de se repérer et de repérer les niveaux marqués chez autrui et ainsi d'agir en conséquence.

Sujets à venir: gestion de l'énergie, les sens, l'alimentation, le corps, les fonctions mémoires....