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Stress and insomnia, special relations (Doctissimo)

In many cases, insomnia is linked to psychological causes, including stress is.

Two recent studies clearly demonstrate its role and emphasize the importance of good management to find the path of the pillow.


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Anxiety and stress are two evils prevalent in our society.Doctissimo an update on their influence in insomniacs and the importance of appropriate care.

Mismanaged stress hurts your nights

Who has not had trouble getting to sleep after a big emotion, shockeConversely, who did not feel stressed after a short night or troubled by nightmareseLogically, one would think that the more stressful life events increase, more sleep quality is impaired…


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However, a study 1 published in March 2003 shows that people with insomnia primary (no specific cause found) would especially find it difficult to manage their stress, irrespective of its intensity.Researchers from Laval University in Quebec, have analyzed the duration and sleep quality of 67 people, including 40 suffering from insomnia for 3 weeks.They are also concerned with stressful events occurring during this period, as well as depressive symptoms and anxiety of these patients.

Results: good sleepers and insomniacs reported a similar number of stressful events.However it appears that people with insomnia attach more importance to these moments of stress, as well as major adverse events in their lives.

In addition, analysis of questionnaires showed that patients insomniacs perceived their lives as more stressful, they face more adversity in developing defense mechanisms based on emotion and have a longer phase before awakening falling asleep than people sleeping properly.


insomnie stress

Biological evidence in support

In 2002, the same journal had published an interesting study 2, conducted among 53 women in the U.S..The goal was the impact of stress on sleep quality.Their nights have been recorded, their urine was collected and questionnaires were filled out for a week.

The records showed, logically, that women are actually saying insomniacs had a poorer quality of sleep, falling asleep more difficult, were more tired in the morning.As in the previous study, women with insomnia did not appear more vulnerable to stress than others, but were victims of a greater psychological distress.In addition, urinary cortisol, which is a good indicator of stress level was significantly higher among women in the morning insomniacs confirming an abnormally high level of anxiety in these individuals Night.

Following the publication of these studies and of course if their results are confirmed on a larger scale, one might think that sleep specialists quickly integrate these data in the treatment of primary insomnia: assessment of the actual intensity of stress experienced by the patient, correctly analyze the defenses that develops, but also teach him to better manage their emotions.

In the meantime, if you sleep badly and you can not stand the slightest opposition, made the link between the two…and talk to your doctor!

Without ignoring medical advice, techniques of yoga techniques associated with Tai Chi can also help you to overcome these difficulties.