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The harmonious techniques of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga allow multiple possible responses to stress management to find a balanced life
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Master WANG QING SH with master Ai Jun Zhang 11° Generation zhaobao style for france


Training 2009 en Chine in Master WANG QING SHENG  house

Holidays- Stage in China 2009

Master ZHANG , Master WANG QING SHENG , Christian RASOTTO


Tai Chi Chuan style Zhaobao hails from the town of Zhaobao in Wenxian County, located about 4 km from Chenjiaggou, Chen family village in Henan province, the cradle of Chinese civilization and martial arts.

zhaobao1Zhaobao style is often considered derivative style Tai Chi Chuan Chen family.It was created by Chen Qing Ping (1795-1868).

But now, old school teachers Zhaobao, agree on an earlier origin and independent of the Chen clan lineage dating back to Jiang Fa.

Jiang Fa (1st generation Tai Chi Chuan Zhaobao) would have learned
the battle of Tai Chi Chuan with Wang Zongyue and would then taught in the region Zhaobao.



Wang Zongyue
Jiang Fa (1ère génération)
Xing Xihaui (2nde génération)
Zhang Chuchen (3ème génération)
Chen Jingbo (4ème génération)
Zhang Zhongyu (5ème génération)
Zhang Yan (6ème génération)
Chen Qingping (7ème génération)
Zhang Jingzhi (8ème génération)
Chen Yingmimg (9ème génération)
Wang Qingsheng (10ème génération)
Zhang Aijun (11ème génération)

Chen Qingping represent the 7 me génération of Zhaobao style.


Unlike other schools of Tai Chi Chuan better known, Chen, Yang, Sun Wu, whose name comes from a family in which education was reserved for members of the clan, School of Tai Chi takes its name Zhaobao Village Zhaobao, and transmission is made from master to chosen disciple.Recently a small museum was built by the city in memory of the masters of Zhaobao.

It is a style of Tai Chi Chuan Traditional Henan, whose master Ai Jun Zhang (11th generation) is currently the only teacher in France (as well as for external style Chang Shi Wuji).Despite its ancient origins, the Tai Chi Chuan Zhaobao practiced in Henan, was long in the shadows and little known outside his home province.His teaching has spread in China for only about fifteen years, thanks, among others, Master Sheng Qing Wang and his followers, including Master Zhang Ai Jun.


While appreciating the true value of each of the styles he teaches, Chen and Yang, applying to transmit the foundations of tradition through taolus former laojia Yilu (1st series unarmed old Chen family) the traditional long chain 88 of the Yang Family, Master Zhang Jun Ai remains committed to the school Zhaobao, especially in the 72 taolu Zhaobao Movements: This is the form I prefer, because it No changes since its inception, and I think it should stay that way .*

Tai Chi Chuan style Zhaobao also includes taolus (sequences) with weapons: sword, sword, stick.


zhaobao5Au programme, cette année, la forme traditionnelle des 72 Mouvements, réunissant les caractéristiques du style Zhaobao :

En observant un pratiquant s’exercer, on remarque de suite l’aspect très martial de ce style. Cette pratique implique une forte circulation énergétique dans l’ensemble du corps. Les jambes sont très sollicitées par des positions basses, avec un travail important de coordination avec les bras. Les gestes dans leur ensemble, sont amples et circulaires.
Le travail au niveau des épaules et des hanches est marqué, en rondeur, mené/porté par un fort enracinement des membres inférieurs.

Le positionnement des pieds dans les déplacements est extrêmement important, les pieds doivent rester « vivants », souples et agiles.
Une attention particulière est portée sur le maintien droit de la colonne vertébrale, le dos et la tête devant rester dans l’axe du Dan Tian, point d’équilibre essentiel dans le déroulement de la forme Zhaobao.
La respiration est fluide et naturelle.


But rather listen to advice of the Master:

Relax your shoulders and back is essential as the chin, like the horse, because it allows energy to circulate and find the right balance.It must always be firmly anchored in the ground and your upper body relaxed, execute the movements with great depth and fluidity, without wincing. »*



It's a style whose practice is for all age groups.As in other styles of Tai Chi can be practiced with a low position (see almost to the ground in the style Zhaobao for more legs!), Medium or high, and adjust the speed enchaînnement techniques.

Master Zhang Jun Ai puts us on the path of the traditional style of art he practices with Henan. »**

* Interview by Claire Lamorlette (article on Zhaobao, journal Energy No. 4)
Cl **. Lamorlette