Alliance harmonieuse du Taichi chuan , du Qiqong , Yoga et de la Méditation


The harmonious techniques of Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga allow multiple possible responses to stress management to find a balanced life
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Meditation is the royal road to freedom, a mysterious ladder that connects earth to heaven, which leads us from darkness to light and from mortality to immortality.” Swami Sivananda

Only intuition can understand

Meditation is a state of consciousness that can not be directly and intuitively understand that.The usual experiments are limited by time, space and laws of causality, while the meditative state transcends all barriers.In meditation, past and future meet.There is only one certainty I am - in a moment this infinite and eternal.

Physical effects:

The calm of meditation is deeper than sleep.Meditation removes the stress - the body, all cells are resting.Meditation protects the youth and prevents premature aging.

Effects on the Mind:

The experiences of meditation such as unity, happiness and harmony are developing new habits of thought.Negative trends are outdated and the mind is strengthened.Meditation can acquire a dynamic personality, a powerful language, joy and a great mental endurance.

Meditation, deemed to be the best remedy for living his life, recommended by doctors, and practiced by millions of followers.

What she fart bring:

- Soothe Migraines
- Fight insomnia
- Relieve intestinal dysfunction
- To relieve premenstrual syndrome
- Calming the stomach cramps
- Enable the memory
- Establishing a physical and mental relaxation
- Re-energizing and improves sleep and mood
- Reduce blood pressure and risk of cardio-vascular
- Relieves stress, anxiety, distress, fear
- Release of diseases related to somatization of our malaise
- Help reduce the use of stimulants or sedatives, tobacco, coffee, alcohol, drugs..
- Allow to reach a place of peace, a source of serenity, creativity and effectiveness
- Being overwhelmed by a sense of peace

According to the sages, it can reach the mind pure, original, one that exists in everyone but that often lurks in the shadows of our worries.

How to practice: (excerpt from the book Guide to Meditation by Lorraine Turner

1.Meditation lotus position or sitting position:
The most widely practiced is that of the lotus position or sitting position, concentrating on breathing.

2.Mindfulness meditation:
But this technique is not the only, meditation is also practiced through our attitude: the art of being attentive to the Living Present, called mindfulness meditation.

3.Meditation mantras
There are also meditation which is practiced by focusing on mantras: some famous: OM MANI PADME HUM, which means hello jewel in the lotus or OM: creation of the universe.

4.Walking meditation
While walking to work or walk, concentrate on your breathing and walk back straight, head in alignment of the spine.Tread carefully, concentrating on every step.Become aware of everything happening around you: the sounds, colors, smells.